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    Commercial Real Estate Conferences

    With technology in full swing, making information easier than ever to obtain, you may feel that attending a conference would become antiquated. In actuality, attending a professional conference has many benefits to not only you, but your company as well. It will renew your excitement about the work you do, get to meet online friends and colleagues, you will learn industry trends and how to implement them, allow you to evaluate new vendors, make connections with industry media and JUST HAVE FUN. Now, interested in attending a Commercial Real Estate Conference in the upcoming year? Luckily for you, here is a comprehensive list!Read more
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    MCAD-Tx - Montgomery Central Appraisal District Property Tax Consultant

    Property Tax Reduction How to Protest You have a right to lower property taxes! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property, upon which you are taxed by multiple taxing jurisdictions. The Process is sometimes laborious and can be painstaking. But it is posibble to achieve results if you can present evidence to support your case. You may represent yourself, or you may engage an agent to represent you by signing an Appointment of Agent form. Any agent who presents an appeal on your behalf must be a Licensed Tax Consultant in the State of Texas or possess another related real estate license.Read more
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    How Commercial Property Owners Can Use Bonus Depreciation To Reduce Income Taxes

    Commercial Property Owners May Use Bonus Depreciation To Significantly Reduce Income Taxes. bonus depreciation equals large tax savings for commercial property owners Cost Segregation is not a new concept, but provisions contained within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 have ignited interest and turbo-charged the positive impact significantly. The point source for these changes? Bonus Depreciation! Let’s take this a step at a time and start with a basic question. What is depreciation? Simply put, depreciation is an accounting tool which allows a portion of your asset value to be deducted each year from your generated income, thereby reducing your net income and resulting federal tax burden. This provides an acknowledgement of the decrease in value of personal property and/or some real property due to wear and tear, aging, functional obsolescence and other factors. For a long time, straight-line depreciation was practiced, and still is in many instances. This allows you to depreciate your asset over 39 years for standard commercial assets, or over 27.5 years for apartments. Here is an example using rounded numbers for a small office buildingRead more
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    What Should You Do When You Receive Your Notices Of Assessed Value?

    When you get your appraisal notice that tells you what value your home has been assessed at for the coming year, is that it? You see the appraised value and you are not sure it is quite right. Is there anything you can do? Are you stuck paying more taxes or having your home valued at less than it’s worth? Fortunately, there are several things you can do and should do when you receive your notice – and these can help you get the best value and the fairest tax and appraised value for your home. #1 – READ THE NOTICE! It is amazing how many people do not read the notice or compare it to past values they had. Many people just look to see what the taxes will be and as long as they can afford it they don’t give it another thought. If you read through everything and compare the value of your home and the estimated property tax to past years, you may be surprised at how much it goes up. On the flip side, if you are looking at selling your home this year, you will want to make sure your home has not been devalued, or you could lose out on the money when you try to list your home at the market value. The first step is to make sure you read everything and take the time to fully understand everything on the notice.Read more
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    Whole appartment cleaning

    Rent A Local is like having instant help at your fingertips. No matter, if you need help by other workers or you need a way to earn some additional income for your holidays, it has something for everyone.Read more
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