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1 room (studio) apt. -

25$/night - 450$/month;
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1 room (studio) apt. -

20$/night - 400$/month;
Description of apartment here

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Marina, 24 from Kiev, Ukraine
Marina, 24
Olga, 23 from Gomel, Belarus
Olga, 23
Kristina, 20 from Kiev, Ukraine
Natasha, 30 from Petrozavodsk, Russia
Natasha, 30
Tatiana, 20 from Irkutsk, Russia
Tatiana, 20
Natasha, 20 from Kirov, Russia
Natasha, 20
Aziliya, 29 from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Aziliya, 29
Anastasia, 27 from Ufa, Russia
Aleksa, 21 from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Aleksa, 21
Ulyana, 25 from Moscow, Russia
Ulyana, 25
Tatyana, 23 from Moscow, Russia
Tatyana, 23
Svetlana, 28 from Volzhskiy, Russia
Tatiana, 23 from Orel, Russia
Tatiana, 23
Natali, 25 from Pskov, Russia
Natali, 25
Marina, 29 from Krasnodar, Russia
Marina, 29
ID 145337 / Natalyamiss133

 Name   Natalya
 Age   28
 Height between    5.6 (168 cm)
 Weight between    118.8 lbs (54 kg)
 Eyes color   Gray
 Hair color   Blonde
 Education   College
 Occupation   Economist
 Current status   Single
 Children   None
 Smoking habits   Non-smoker
 Drinking   Non-drinke
 Living in   Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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To scatter in the disorder tenderness!

To be dissolved in impetuous passion,

And to drink a full bowl - sinfulness!

Very much it would be desirable to become your song,

To sound on a wave of desires,

And having nestled on you it is close - is close,

As if in dance to turn on a side...

Very much it would be desirable to become your sun,

To embrace, warm beams...

To be unique light in a window,

To not allow to sleep to you at the nights.

Very much it would be desirable to be your world

Full of pleasure and happiness.

To become unique necessary,

Gentle, solar, warm happiness

I want to meet a man 50 y.o.

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