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Evgeniya, 23 from Novosibirsk, Russia
Elena, 20 from Minsk, Belarus
Elena, 20
Oksana, 23 from Poltava, Ukraine
Oksana, 23
Olga, 30 from Kiev, Ukraine
Olga, 30
Marina, 30 from Stavropol, Russia
Marina, 30
Daria, 23 from Krasnodar, Russia
Daria, 23
Ekaterina, 29 from Volgograd, Russia
Anna, 26 from Chernigov, Ukraine
Anna, 26
Alina, 22 from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Alina, 22
Julia, 21 from Chernovtsy, Ukraine
Julia, 21
Oxana, 28 from Moscow, Russia
Oxana, 28
Larisa, 28 from Nikolaev, Ukraine
Larisa, 28
Angela, 26 from Kirovograd, Ukraine
Angela, 26
Dasha, 21 from Tula, Russia
Dasha, 21
Sabina, 19 from Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sabina, 19


Rest in Kerch gives excellent opportunities for auto-tourism - 4 different sea water areas are easily accessible: Black sea, Kerch strait, Azov, Sivash and ten curative lakes. And everywhere salinity and temperature of water are various, and the main thing is the special fish. Chain of hills everywhere limit horizon so, having passed just a pair of kilometers, you find yourself in the forgotten world. And if you get in a pocket beach - all paradise terrestrial will be personally yours! There are almost no beaches in Kerch, with the exception Karantinskogo beach (a stop of bus Institute and downwards under steep). In half of hour of driving from the city in different directions many good and spacious beaches on sandy spit, and also small 'pocket' beaches on landslide slopes. Rest in Kerch is characterized with absence of cold currents. Behind the cape Hroni the passage is replaced by Azov sea, and hundreds kilometers of a resort virgin soil begin: bay Bulganak, a bay of Reeves, spite of Chokrack mud lake at village Kurortnoe, huge beach of Kazantip gulf, beaches at Misovogo, Semenovki and the city Shelkino on Arabat gulf. And at last, from village Kamenskoe the huge Arabat spit - 100 km of the shell gold sand washed by the warm fine Azov Sea on the one hand and Sivash estuary from another. In the Kerch are city beaches are Arshintsovo, Staro-karatinskiy.

Kerch people prefer spacious golden beach of Eltigen. The bottom of shoal here, as well as on Azov, is interesting by sandy shaft along the sea shore. In the beginning rather quickly you enter into water on a belt or on a breast, then the bottom rises, and you already knee-deep. On bars very nice to play, jump on waves. Water in a passage, especially in shallow bays with bars, gets warm up to 28?.

Kerch beach Eltigen, summer rest in Kerch, Ukraine

Geroevka is an excellent place for rest. This piece at the sea is filled with various state and private boarding houses, bases and rest houses. Geroevskiy beach is allocated among others with sand. Sand here is clean, fine and very soft.

Kerch beach Geroevka, summer rest in Kerch, Ukraine

The road to the village Zavetnoe passes on the narrow sandy spit separating salty Lake Tobechik from Kerch strait. There is protected sandy, descent in the sea - smooth, in several meters - a shallow. This beach is closer to the high sea, water there is cleaner.

Kerch beach Zavetnoe, summer rest in Kerch, Ukraine

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