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25$/night - 450$/month;
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1 room (studio) apt. -

20$/night - 400$/month;
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Elya, 24 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Elya, 24
Marina, 20 from Kiev, Ukraine
Marina, 20
Anna, 26 from Ekaterinburg, Russia
Anna, 26
Katya, 25 from Kopeisk, Russia
Katya, 25
Olga, 25 from Moscow, Russia
Olga, 25
Natasha, 30 from Samara, Russia
Natasha, 30
Anna, 21 from Petrozavodsk, Russia
Anna, 21
Oksana, 22 from Orsk, Russia
Oksana, 22
Masha, 29 from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Bulgaria
Masha, 29
Sveta, 22 from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Sveta, 22
Masha, 21 from Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Masha, 21
Anastasia , 24 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Anna, 23 from Mikhailovka, Russia
Anna, 23
Elena, 22 from Samara, Russia
Elena, 22
Irina, 29 from Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Irina, 29
Ying, 35
 Ying, 35 y.o.
Xiwen, 21
 Xiwen, 21 y.o.
Yan, 27
 Yan, 27 y.o.
Dongwei, 27
 Dongwei, 27 y.o.
Peng, 25
 Peng, 25 y.o.


Gromova str., 34/4
Tel.: +38 (0472) 56-04-80
Irish bar “BierLoga” has everything that is necessary for man's rest: beer, a stake and football. Every Sunday three beers are at the price of two.

Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe BierLoga

111, bar
Kveschatik str, 225
Tel.: +38(0472) 38-50-11
Bar “111” offers to its visitors cozy atmosphere, pleasant music, European cuisine and sushi. Also for clients of the bar free Wi-Fi the Internet is.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe 111

Bol’var Shevchenko, 250
Tel.: +38 (0472)33-07-83
“Eponskii gorodovoi” is a Restaurant of Russian and Japanese cuisine and a sushi-bar. It has three halls - the total area is 125 sq.m., car parking in the cozy isolated court yard and a summer terrace.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Eponskii gorodovoi

VICTORIA, bar-restaurant
Crossing of Gagarina street and entrance to the park 50-letiya Oktyabrya,
Tel.: +38 (0472) 38-60-22, (093) 85-90-903
Bar-restaurant Victoria is a debut in the Ukrainian restaurant industry. The restaurant has united the modern approach to a classical European cuisine with preparation of the Ukrainian foods. Restaurant atmosphere answers to desire of those who think where to spend a business seminar, birthday, wedding or just a meeting. Smoking it is admissible only near a bar. If you have arrived on the car you can leave it on the car parking under protection for the period of your rest, it is additional service for clients of the restaurant.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Victoria

BOCHKA, restaurant-bar
Gagarina str.
Tel.: +38 (0472)38-30-45, 38-30-44, 8(097)306-66-42
Entertaining-improving hotel complex, restaurant-bar “Bochka” (Flank) offers to try European, Ukrainian, Georgian culinary. The complex has a summer platform, 3 piers, a bar on water, a bungalow. Guests of the restaurant can enjoy live music, show programs, concerts with participation of stars, a children's playground, beach volleyball, mini-football, rest on water, yachts, catamarans, boats. Car parking is protected.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Bochka

ROSAVA, restaurant
Frunze str., 29
Tel.: +38 (0472)45-55-19
Restaurant Rosava offers Ukrainian kitchen. For its clients the restaurants proposes breakfasts, a buffet, a business lunch, the dessert menu, the vegetarian menu and others. Live music and car parking are also.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Rosava

Shevchenko bulvar, 352
Tel.: +38 (0472)32-80-87
Cafe “Creative” offers tasty dishes and good time with your friends or beloved person. Also you can use there free wireless to the Internet. The wireless Interne is for all our clients, just bring the laptop or handheld for unlimited using.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Creative

BOTTICELLI, restaurant
Hreschatik str, 251
Tel.: +38 (0472) 50-11-50
Restaurant “Botticelli” offers Italian cuisine. The Head cook of the restaurant is Italian. He is sure that the paste and a pizza of all kinds, ravioli and risotto, prosciutto and pancetta, tiramisu and ice-cream prepared in the restaurant will delight any gourmet.

Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Botichelli
Shevchenko bulvar, 275
Tel.: +38 (0472) 31-36-21
At your service cozy blinnaya (pancake-cafe) Gosudar (Sovereign) is. There to you will offer set of fine dishes. “The merchant hall” will dip you into pleasant atmosphere of calmness and prosperity; will give the chance to you to take pleasure in all charm of olden time.
“The imperial hall” will attract you with the grace and luxury. The combination of wonderful music and remarkable dishes of an ancient Russian cuisine will give to you unforgettable pleasure.
If you want to retire and stay with your friends alone then exclusive banquet halls will be offered to you where you will have a silent, quiet meeting.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Gosudar
CONTRABASS, pub-restaurant
B.Vishnevetskogo str, 19
Tel.: +38 (0472)45-05-06
The English musical pub-restaurant "Contrabass" offers beer, meal and wonderful service. It is an excellent place for spending free time with your friends.
On Monday and Wednesday the discount of 50 % for beer on draught: Newcastle, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Leffe, Staropramen.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Contrabass

PARIZHANKA, restaurant
Bulvar Shevchenka, 352
Tel.: +38 (0472)313-444
The restaurant "Parizhanka” (Parisian) offers French and Slavic culinary, it is an excellent place for parties and banquets, holidays, family holidays and calm romantic dinners.

Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Parizhanka
PEKING, restaurant
Sumgaitskaya str., 39
Tel.: +38 (0472)65-98-26

The restaurant Peking is a restaurant of Chinese kitchen. It is possible to order food.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Pekining
SPORTOHOTA, restaurant
Beregovaya str, 1
Tel.: +38 (0472) 56-66-65, 56-65-65

Entertainment complex “Sportohota” is an excellent place for rest out of a city in the country, far from vanity and cares. It is possible to take pleasure completely of tasty meal and close to the nature. Also various entertainments are offered to visitors such as Paintball, hunting, fishing and others.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Sportohota
Chehova str, 9a
Tel.: +38 (0472) 43-43-18

Bavaria is a bar for non-smoking, with testy dishes and excellent service.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Bavaria
Lenina str, 10
Tel.: +38 (0472) 32-16-81

Varenichnaya offers vareniki for all tastes, and also deruny, fritters, salads, borsch and many other tasty dishes.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Varenichnaya
Bulvar Shevchenko, 254
Tel.: +38 (0472) 36-09-79

Western is a cafe with the atmosphere of the Wild West. Wide choice of tasty dishes and good drinks you can find in this cafe too.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Western
Ploshad’ semisotletiya,
Tel.:+38 (0472)71-42-42

Pizzeria "Papa Carlo" offers different kinds of pizza, grill - meal for all tastes. On Fridays and Sundays there Disco of 80-90th is hold.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Papa Carlo
COSA NOSTRA, pizza-hall
Bulvar Shevchenko, 108
Tel.: +38 (0472)32-25-04, 32-24-82

If you have a wish to feel yourself a gangster at least for some time then come in pizza-hall “Cosa Nostra”. Waiters in the form of the American police of 60th years, in assortment of the menu pizzas, the first, second dishes, salads and many other things are.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Cosa Nostra
TAKO, sushi-bar
Bulvar Shevchenko, 205
Tel.: +38 (0472) 38-24-75, 38-24-74

Sushi-bar "TAKO" is a place where it is possible to try a Japanese cuisine. The official slogan of the bar is: "the Romantic place at romantic height".
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe TAKO
Lenina str, 16
Tel.: +38 (0472)32-89-49

The club-bar “Shalenii Rover" is a small bar. But it is an excellent place for spending time with friends-fans of sports. Also it is worth to visit this bar for the sake of creative kitchen. There is a summer platform. An official slogan of the bar is: "the Window in the sports world".
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Shalenii Rover
BRAVO, pizzeria
Bulvar Shevchenko, 264
Tel.: +38 (0472) 32-19-90, 32-19-09

Pizzeria “Bravo” offers pizza delivery, the pizza order, cafe-bar, a buffet table.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Bravo
BAMBOLINA, pizzeria
Lenina str, 2
Tel.: +38 (0472) 36-09-09, 36-13-13

Pizzeria “Bambolina” pizza delivery, the pizza order, cafe-bar, a buffet table.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Bambolina
CHELENTANO, pizzeria
B.Vishnevets'kogo, str., 247
Tel.: +38 (0472) 37-73-55

Pizzeria “Chelentano” has original interior, the attentive personnel and invariably positive atmosphere. In the institution menu: a pizza, paste, fritters, salads, soups, drinks, desserts and fresh coffee are.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Chelentano
FELICHITA, pizzeria
Kreschatik str, 200
Tel.: +38 (0472) 32-04-65, 36-01-95

Pizzeria “Felichita” offers to eat tasty and cheaply, at your choice are pizzas, fritters salads and others.
Cherkassy restaurants, bars, cafe Felichita

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