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Liubov, 26 from Kirovograd, Ukraine
Liubov, 26
Regina, 24 from Vladivostok, Russia
Regina, 24
Elena, 25 from Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Elena, 25
Natali, 30 from Moscow, Russia
Natali, 30
Anna, 24 from Severodvinsk, Russia
Anna, 24
Victoria, 21 from Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan
Olja, 20 from Kirov, Russia
Olja, 20
Anastasia, 22 from Saint-petersburg, Russia
Yana, 23 from Ekaterinburg, Russia
Yana, 23
Kira, 26 from Moscow, Russia
Kira, 26
Indira, 28 from Shymkent, Russia
Indira, 28
Nastya, 24 from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Nastya, 24
Katerina, 28 from Kazan, Russia
Shahnoza, 23 from Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Irina, 20 from Lermontov, Russia
Irina, 20


Berdyansk beaches, central beach
Berdyansk central beach is located on embankment (Gor'kogo str.,). It stretches from a passenger sea mooring line up to the Primorskaja square; it has life-saving stations and bases of water sport. From here it is possible to make enthralling row on water area of a gulf and on Berdyansk spit. At the end of 90th years the part of coast was built up with cafes and bars of original design.

Berdyansk beaches, Liski beach
The second Berdyansk beach is located in Liski. Here you can feel original charm of old Berdyansk: the seacoast and street have joined together, accurate small houses are open to all Azov winds, in its yards and on coast old fishing launches are laying and garlands of well-known Azov bullhead (little fish of the Azov and Black seas) are drying. By the way it is great snack to beer. From here you can see mountain part of Berdyansk which stretches with its narrow streets from the noisy sea in Azov steppe. Here the cafe, shops are located, water attractions are offered, and cubicles are established.

Sanatorium beaches.
The beach Lazurnyi is well-known by the townspeople and visitors of Berdyansk. Here, far from city noise, among cane thickets and estuaries you can enjoy fresh air and wonderful sea view. There is a car parking, shops, cafes and bars. The beach of sanatorium is well-equipped with beach wooden umbrellas, you can get chaise lounges, and there is a first-aid post and life-saving station.
Behind the boarding house Krasnaya gvozdika (Red carnation) is the second beach of Lazurnyi. There are beach wooden umbrellas, a first-aid post; it is possible to take deck-chair there. The sea is fine and water is warmer, than in the open sea.
The beach Berdyansk is on the western coast of spit - at its beginning (behind Lazurnyi). Water there is cooler - but also is clearer, than on east part of the spit. It is possible to hide from the sun on deck-chair under beach wooden umbrella. Fine-grained sand here is purer, than in the city. The last year above the sea embankment has been built; it is ended with a viewing platform and a monument.
However the entrance on sanatorium beaches of Berdyansk is limited and planned.

Berdyansk beaches, nudist naturism beach

Nudist beaches:
Naturism at the Azov coast has never been extremism. It was not concerned as destruction of public stereotypes or undermining of moral values. It was only a method of treatment and display of a healthy way of life. Naked body is still natural on the Berdyansk beaches now. The beach is behind sanatorium Berdyansk, the nudist beach is located away from usual but the border is completely relative.
Try to have a rest on all beaches of Berdyansk and you will choose your favorite one or ones.

Berdyansk beaches, aqua park aquapark
Aquapark "Mys Dobroi Nadezhdy" (Cape of Good Hope)
The aqua-park Mys dobroj nadezhdy (Cape of Good Hope) is one of the biggest aqua-parks in Ukraine; it occupies more than five hectares of territory. The aqua-park amazes its visitors with the sizes. There you can get all kinds of services for the best, carefree rest. The general style of the aqua-park is the ancient castle with amazing exotic plants and great number of the most beautiful pools. The aqua-park is constructed in such a way that lets to visitors of aqua-park to visit all nooks of the aqua-park, not passing twice the same place. The complex surprises not only with its greatness, but also with quantity of the diverse entertainments. It is impossible to tell what is the most interesting and amazing here.
In total in an aqua-park 28 attractions - water rides are placed. The majority of them will be interesting both to children, and adults. The first you will meet a starting complex of water rides with the name Dolina Zmej (the Valley of Snakes), its height is 14 meters and an attraction Tajna Bermud (the Secret of Bermudas) its height is 7 meters, the highest attraction is more than 17 meters, the lengthiest attraction is about 150 meters.

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